About Us

GemsExcellence-luxury jewellery brand-Pawanya-founder of Gems Excellence color gemstone jewelry brand

The brand

My name is Pawanya and I am a designer and founder of Gems Excellence. I grew up around gemstones from an early age. In 1991 my parents founded a gemstone company specialized in manufacturing precision-cut rubies and sapphires. I was always fascinated by the rainbow of stunning colors that these gems displayed as well as the hard work and love that went into creating beautiful gems from rough stones.

After studying in the UK and Switzerland, I decided to fulfill my dream of designing fine jewelry. I wanted to differentiate myself from other designers with my knowledge of not only the design aspect but also of the beautiful gems themselves. I spent hours every day in my family business assorting and grading gemstones by color, clarity, and size. I also attended the prestigious Gübelin Academy to hone my gemmological credentials. In 2014, I founded Gems Excellence, a luxury jewellery brand offering a variety of stunning fine jewelry sets with sumptuous gemstones. With a mission to create excellent bespoke jewelry accessible for women across the world. In 2016 fate would further strengthen my relationship to gemstones when I married my husband who comes from a family of emerald dealers with a history of over 200 years in the jewelry industry.

I create every individual design with passion and enthusiasm to complete each jewelry with perfect artistry. I put particular emphasis on finding the right combination of color and cut of a gemstone to complement the jewelry piece’s design. My strong skills in fine arts, deep understanding of gemstones, and eye for design have allowed me to build a fine jewelry brand that celebrates the uniqueness of each colored gemstone and each customer.

Customer satisfaction is my top priority. I strive to provide the best fine gemstone jewelry and bring the utmost happiness to my valued customers with the standard of Gems Excellence -Excellent Stones make Excellent Jewelry.

The product

As a Hong Kong jewelry shop, Gems Excellence offers the finest quality fine jewelry, which comprises of exceptional precious gemstones, high quality diamonds, and 18-carat gold. Our precious stones  are all certified to guarantee its identification for our customers’ piece of mind.

We are proud to be Global Citizens. Designed and conceptualized at our Hong Kong design studio, we manufacture our fine jewelry at the best facilities in Hong Kong, Germany, and Thailand. Pawanya comes from a family of gemstone manufacturers with a long history of excellence and customer service. Heritage and quality are key values for us and we are committed to creating the finest gemstone jewelry with love, craftsmanship, flawless finishing, and attention to detail.

Beautiful jewelry starts with the best ingredients, which is why we focus on sourcing only the most beautifully cut gemstones. We have two in-house gemstone cutting factories that over the years have perfected complex cuts such as the Excellent Cut (heart & arrow reflection) and the Radiant Cut, both of which are cornerstones of our brand's identity. These meticulously handcrafted gemstones are then combined with beautiful diamonds and gold settings, resulting in uniquely designed timeless jewelry pieces.